The choices you make when implementing CAD services can promote client confidence, limit your liability exposure and influence contract awards. This page provides inside industry information that can help you make those choices, whether you're an HVAC shop or a professional detailer.

Dear friends, we've moved to a new web host!

This site has been up continuously (in one form or another) since 1997 on an NT server. We've just recently made the move to an Apache server running under freeBSD.

Since the new host is a unix server, if I were to just port the site over 'as is', the (C/C++) binaries that handle all the back-end services for the old site would have to be rewritten and recompiled for this new hosting platform.

However, the old site is old technology and this is the perfect opportunity to get up to speed with current web practices, so the entire site is being rewritten. Please be patient while this work is in progress.

I would recommend that if you haven't already done so, you seriously consider making the move to the Firefox Browser in order to take advantage of the several upgrades to this site that will be available to you using that particular browser.

The new services include on-demand fitting layout and download using SVG (vector graphics built in to Firefox), server-side php driven pages incorporating XUL (an XML markup varient used to drive Firefox), incresed browsing security obviating the need for AciveX conrols and java binaries as used in less capable browsers and an altogether more pleasent (and consistent) web experience whether you're running on Win, Mac or Unix.

My ultimate goal is to provide in these pages, a truely useful resource to the CAD, HVAC and Sheet Metal community. Hopefully, we can work towords that end together.

Tony Taylor

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